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We frequently help clients plan for care transitions for their parents or grandparents—and at times, for a spouse or child. We recognize how challenging this type of planning can be and encourage our clients, when feasible, to take time developing a plan that will best address the wide range of considerations.

If you have family members with disabilities or long-term healthcare issues, we can share our experiences, connect you with elder care resources, and assist in establishing trusts for their needs. We also can help with securing a professional fiduciary or conservator to provide oversight for the care and maintenance of your loved ones. This type of personalized service is a benefit that we are proud to offer our clients as it can provide needed relief in difficult circumstances.

*Please Note: Limitations.  The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement, and the specific requests and needs of the client.  Blume Capital does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent.  Blume Capital does not prepare legal documents, nor does it sell insurance products.  When requested, Blume Capital will work in conjection with your legal, accounting and insurance professionals.