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A comprehensive, unbiased strategy to safeguard your hard-earned assets is an important complement to thoughtful planning and investing.

It is crucial to take an objective look at your financial exposures and be cognizant of where you might avoid, transfer, or knowingly retain certain risks. We can advise you on appropriate umbrella and disability coverage, as well as assess your need for long-term care or life insurance.

Other insurance-related services include advising you on transitioning to Medicare and assisting you with securing coverage for dispersed or difficult-to-insure assets, such as homes located outside the U.S.

Finally, we often uncover circumstances where clients were sold insurance policies, annuities, and other financial products that are expensive and may no longer be suitable. We will help you review your policies absent conflicts of interest.

Please Note: Blume Capital will coordinate closely with your outside advisors; we do not serve as an accountant, attorney, or insurance agent. Blume Capital does not prepare tax returns, estate-planning documents, or sell insurance products.