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Retirement planning is a key focus for virtually all of our individual and family clients. In working with you to set the stage for retirement, we address a wide array of issues beyond retirement savings. We take an integrated approach to help you to not only think through your goals for retirement, but to identify underlying concerns and plan for the legacy that you would like to leave behind.

This process includes cash flow analysis to assess adequacy of assets, the impact of taxes, Social Security benefit optimization strategies, and appropriate withdrawal rates to sustain income during retirement. We also can advise you on related considerations, including planning for the sale of real estate, Medicare, and lifestyle transitions. Together we build a plan that enables you to support your loved ones and your passions while making sure that you have a sufficient cushion to take care of your own needs.

Helping you prepare for retirement is just one aspect of our financial planning process.

Please Note: Blume Capital will coordinate closely with your outside advisors; we do not serve as an accountant, attorney, or insurance agent. Blume Capital does not prepare tax returns, estate-planning documents, or sell insurance products.