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Blume Capital provides investment advisory and financial planning services to clients who value a disciplined, long-term approach to growing and protecting their assets.

Experienced investing, personalized advice

We deliver highly personalized financial counsel in a distinctly non-institutional setting. Our principals have decades of investment experience and our primary mission is to carefully steward our clients’ assets.

Blume Capital’s founder, Jim Blume, launched the firm in 1993 to provide unbiased financial guidance and investment advice to individuals and families. Over the years we’ve grown with our clients to serve their evolving needs but have always held fast to our core values and adhered to our value-focused investing discipline.

Our core services are:

Investment Management
Investment Management
Value-oriented, research-driven investing that helps weather volatile markets and deliver for the
Financial Planning
Financial Planning
We work closely with you to identify critical concerns and help you plan and prepare for your future.
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Transparency, clear communication, and understanding your goals are cornerstones of our business

You have a unique set of objectives, questions, and priorities. We are dedicated to serving your individual needs, building enduring relationships, helping you stay focused on your financial goals, and always acting in your best interest. Blume Capital aims to bring order and direction to your financial life, freeing you to pursue what matters most to you.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you